The Lead Child

Our Program
We use experiential learning to inspire our children!
The Genesis
The famous Moipei quartet,who are well known for their beautiful angelic voices, were discovered when they were two and three years old by their parents. That is why we thought it was very important that we start inculcating a culture of excellence in leadership and good money habits to children as early as 6 years and in doing so ensure that we are raising adults who will be great leaders that people will want to emulate and also will be financially savvy.
Our children have a great opportunity to learn when they go to school but good academic grades are not all they need to make it in life. There is need for them to be able to express themselves and also learn about money.
TLC Program Structure

This is a training program for 6 to 13 year olds. We are dedicated to raising excellent leaders by developing them when they are still moldable. The reason why this training has to begin early is because research has shown that by the time a child is 14 years old, most of their character has already developed and effecting change in them is much more difficult. We have designed a fun and highly interactive training program that nurtures our young children to lead from a young age. The program is divided into 3 levels and is run during the holiday season. Each level builds into the next. In each level we tackle both leadership and money.

This is a training program for 14 to 18 year olds. They go through the same curriculum as Trailblazers, although theirs is more advanced. We do this through experiential learning which has been proven to be a great method that increases retention and accelerates comprehension. We also have them perform real-to-life projects in order to enhance learning. These children are at such a crucial stage in their lives that it so important to affect them while they are pliable. These skills have to be taught and nurtured if we are to develop great leaders and money savvy responsible adults.