The Lead Child

Providing elite leadership and financial training to children from 6 to 18 years of age.
The Lead Child is dedicated to developing leaders who are excellent in character and make sound financial decisions.
Who we are
Our vision is to bring out the leader in every child so they can fulfill their God given purpose. Proverbs 22:6
Our children have a great opportunity to learn when they go to school but good academic grades are not all they need to make it in life. There is need for them to be able to express themselves and also learn about money. By providing this training we ensure that our children start assuming leadership roles as early as possible.
We also foster financial literacy skills and use experiential learning to inspire the children to dream big and fulfill their God given purpose. As adults, we’ve made many mistakes concerning money simply because I didn’t have the knowledge on what to do. By the time we’re learning all these, we already have many responsibilities.
Our Approach


We use experiential learning to inspire the children to use their creativity while developing their imagination to fulfill their God given purpose.


It is through play that children at a very early age engage and interact with the world around them. Play is important to healthy brain development.


Our program encourages your child’s growth in the areas of memory, concentration, attention and perception through various activities.

The Lead Child Trainers

We believe that all children have the potential to develop in leadership skills. There are some children who are born with inherent ability to lead whereas others have to be encouraged to become leaders! A child can learn to be a leader whether they are currently outgoing, boisterous, shy, quiet, awkward, or charismatic.

Teaching leadership to children at a young age exposes them to endless possibilities. We want our children to learn to be people who can make a difference in our world by making positive contributions as a leader. You can have children who are the cheerleaders out front. They are full of enthusiasm and inspire others by their energy and often their words. You also may have a quiet child who leads by graciously serving. Often times these ones are overlooked or not thought of when you think of a “leader.” However, they lead by example. People are watching, and their hearts and attitudes inspire others.

It is very important to start taking advantage of everyday teachable money moments especially where children are concerned. Experts say handling money is 80% behavior and 20% head knowledge. Research has also revealed that by the time a child is 14 years old, most of their character has already developed and effecting change in them is much more difficult, that is why it is very important to start as early as possible to train them to have the right behavior towards money.

Usually this is dependent on the age of a child. A child who is 6 years old cannot be expected to do the same chores as a 10 year old. So parent and child discuss on the appropriate chores that are commissionable like washing the car, cleaning the house, swiping the floor, cleaning the windows etc. As a parent guide the child in what they are able to do considering their safety as well e.g. don’t allow a young child to climb places that might be dangerous as they do their chores. Rule of thumb, do not pay for what they are responsible for e.g. making their bed, clearing the table, taking care of their pet etc.

Well the answer is simple! The principle of how to handle money cannot be taught in theory! When you associate work with money, our kids start being responsible very early in life. That is our aim. In paying them for the chores that they do, they get the habit of helping out in the house, as members of the family and also they get to learn how to handle money.

We give every child who has participated a Certificate of Completion.
More than that, every training culminates into a presentation on the last day (Friday). This is when they show the parents what they have been up to for the whole week depending on the level they were in.

Level 1: They do individual presentations on various topics of their choice.
Level 2: They do a team presentation on the business that they have come up with.
Level 3: They do individual presentations on creative things that they have come up with.